It's time! Our infallible presales at District gives our buyers the opportunity to not only save money; but make the design choices from the ground up.


We at Heritage Properties, along with Daydra Management, start pre-sales for the benefit of the buyer and for the benefit of the overall project. While Daydra goes through zoning and planning, it is an exciting time to get the input from the people that want to live, work, and play at the lifestyle developments Daydra creates. So, having the Team at Heritage Properties pre-selling allows Daydra Management to know what you, as the client, wants and allows Daydra to adjust the site plan to accommodate changes before major infrastructure or buildings are completed.


The second benefit is that we are able to offer pre-sale discounts because when we plan the build-outs and construction details upfront rather than after the fact, there are fewer changes and adjustments to be made. Thus, having a smoother and faster project, the savings go to the buyer.


The pre-sales deposits are small, and in the unusual event that things don’t work out for your sale- all money is returned. There is little risk and great benefit.


Let’s discuss in detail “ALL” the Commercial Opportunities we have to offer!

Condo Features

  • Open Concept

  • 5 Miles from 190 turnpike

  • 30 mins from Dallas

  • #2 Hottest Suburb in the Nation  "Bizjournal"

  • "One of the Best Places to Live is Wylie, Texas " Wylie EDC"


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